World’s first book that help you to learn nothing. “DO NOTHING AND EXPECT NOTHING” remember “NOTHING WILL BE EVERYTHING”

$BON Contract (SOLANA): EYU2k7HZ2JwGqXwRcNtiga4QkVaNnKMP5H1rnkcH7D3w

Are You Ready To Learn Nothing?

Nothing is always better than something

Nothing is Everything you need

Only book which motivate you to do nothing

Say Nothing

it’s better to say nothing at all

Do Nothing

i am so busy doing nothing that i have no time to do anything

Expect Nothing

Today i’m doing nothing because i started doing that yesterday and i was not finished, I am no quitter

$BON Tokenomics

$BON is a solana meme token that rewards people to do nothing

  • LP Burned
  • Solana Chain
  • Contract Renounced
  • Non Mintable